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Service-Disabled Veteran & Woman Owned Small Business

I've written over 100 articles...just do a google search of my name + the relationship topic you're looking for and it should pop up! One of these days I will add all of the links here, unless someone more tech-savvy would like to help me.

Articles by Lyndsay Katauskas:

  1. Asserting Your Boundaries at Work
  2. What is Gender Difference?
  3. Assertive Communication with Gender-Based Sales
  4. Get Gorgeous Results with Joy

Published on YourTango.com as Mars Venus Coaching:

  1. Understanding Conflict
  2. Beyonce's Baby Bump and A Real Mom's Sexy Reality
  3. The Joy of Watering and Feeding Kids
  4. Small Acts Show Our Unconditional Love
  5. Google+ and Our Relationships*
  6. Creating Passion Once Upon a Honeymoon
  7. Love in the "Likes" of FaceBook
  8. Arnold Shwarzzeneger's Infidelity - How Resilient are You?
  9. High School Graduation and Leaving the Nest*
  10. 6 Ways Our Heater's Stop Loving and Our A/C Gets Stuck
  11. Mars Venus Children are from Heaven - Even in the Summer?*
  12. Oxytocin High for Mother's Day*
  13. Remembering Not to Repeat Our Mistakes
  14. Mars and Venus: Finding the Right One
  15. Is Dating All Luck? (Highlighted on Your Tango near St. Patrick's Day)
  16. 4 Tips for Easter Brunch with Your Partner's Family
  17. Understanding Conflict
  18. Easter Traditions from Childhood to Adulthood
  19. Long Distance Relationships: Luck or Misfortune?
  20. Single Ladies Give Yourself a Gift this Year!*
  21. Valentine's Day for Empty-Nesters... "Hello Stranger!"*
  22. Score BIG on Valentine's Day
  23. Men and Women are Not Equal Part One
  24. Men and Women are Not Equal Part Two

I'm here to help you have healthier relationships.

for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Hi! My name is Lyndsay and I'm a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. Currently I'm an Army spouse and a mom to two amazing kiddos. I dabble in clean eating, sharing doTERRA essential oils for health and wellness, practicing yoga, barefoot running...and about 6 days a week for fun and to connect with a fabulous like-minded community I teach & take Zumba!

My masters of education is in counseling. As a military spouse we've been moving every 1-2 years. I've moved almost 30 times (did you guess...I was also a military brat)! Through thick and thin my husband, friends, and family have always been here to encourage and motivate me. I want to share what unconditional love is with you.

To me the purpose in life is figuring out how to make, keep, and grow our relationships. That's all that matters.

We move so much that instead of pursuing a state or national license in counseling I had a brighter idea to start my own coaching and marriage education company so I could serve my clients 365 days a year and bring them with me on my adventures. Technology is amazing, isn't it?

I conduct individual, couples, and group sessions via Skype, teleconferencing, and the good old fashioned phone call.


Absolute Potential LLC exists to help individuals, organizations, state and federal government agencies improve their relationships.

Learning life and resiliency skills enables people of all ages to function at a higher level increasing personal and professional success.

  • Mars Venus Coaching:  1-on-1, Couples, & Group Sessions via Skype
  • Active Relationships: Marriage Education Distance Learning Workshops--Resiliency and Life Skills for military, military families, civilians, civilian families, & youth (all available in Christian format as well).
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution             
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessments
  • DISC profiling
  • Anger Management
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